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Mauk To Start Against Florida

Missouri's Maty Mauk will start for the injured James Franklin Saturday.
COLUMBIA, Mo--Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel says that quarterback James Franklin does indeed have a separated shoulder, but will only miss three to five weeks.  
This disputes reports from ESPN and CBS on Saturday that said he would miss the rest of the season.
The Tigers have six games left in the next seven weeks.
Franklin injured that shoulder in the waining moments of Saturday's 41-26 win over Georgia.
The win bumped the Tigers from number 25 to number 14 in both football polls this week.
Pinkel says Maty Mauk will get the start Saturday against the 22nd ranked Florida Gators.
Gary Pinkel/Mizzou Coach:"No surprise, he's a pretty poised guy.  That's a little like him.  He's certainly excited.  The other thing too is that he's surrounded by an experience offensive line and receivers.  All those people step up their game a little bit will help him quarterback a little bit."
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