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MarketWatch for Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday the DOW closed up 28. The NASDAQ rose 51.

Despite Washington’s discord over the past few weeks, some analysts say the current environment is good for stocks. The Federal Reserve is keeping up programs to keep interests rates low and economists argue that will help the economy grow.

That optimism and stronger corporate profits helped U.S. stocks rise last week.

Friday the DOW closed up 28.
The NASDAQ rose 51.

A major deal for AT&T, the country’s largest phone company: It’s leasing or selling the rights to nearly ten thousand of its wireless towers to a company called crown castle. The deal is worth nearly $5 billion. AT&T says this won't impact its customers.

The justice department and JP Morgan Chase are reportedly close to a deal that would be one of the largest settlements on record. Sources say the bank has "tentatively agreed" to pay $13 billion for mortgage backed securities it sold leading up to the 2008 "financial meltdown". $4 billion would be ear-marked for "consumer relief". The "deal" would "not end" criminal investigations into the bank.

Get ready to see a lot of pumpkins, princesses, and witches on Halloween this year. The National Retail Federation released a top costume survey. It’s showing Americans are leaning toward the more traditional costumes this year.

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