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MarketWatch for Monday, November 25, 2013

If you're keeping on top of the stock markets this morning, Monday, November 25, 2013...
If you're keeping on top of the stock markets this morning,  Monday, November 25, 2013...

The Nikkei is up 237 points today in trading in Japan.
On Wall Street, the Dow closed above 16,000 for a second day Friday, gaining 55.
The Nasdaq was up 22.

Good news from the U.S. Labor Department.   Job openings and overall hiring both rose to five year highs in the month of September. A new report shows job postings rose by 69,000 to 3.9 million. That's the most since 2008 just a few month before the financial meltdown.

If you're headed out shopping, the new X-Box One has hit the shelves. Fans lined up for hours to get their hands on Microsoft's newest gaming console. The X-Box costs about $500 and offers gaming, TV, and the internet. The overrall gaming industry is worth $66-billion. Microsoft execs see it growing to almost $80-billion by 2017.

Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi top the list of concert performers who bring in the most money per city. The trade publication Pollstar says Taylor Swift averages more than $1.8 million at the box office. Bon Jovi - whose been at this a while - still brings in more than $1.5 million per city. Also making the list, Michael Buble, John Mayer and Blake Shelton.

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