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Local Group has Special Party to Benefit Children Diagnosed with Cancer

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- A local Springfield group is giving children dealing with Cancer treatment a much needed laugh.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- A local Springfield group is giving children dealing with cancer treatment a much needed laugh. 

When asked how 10 year-old Jeremiah Turley wanted to celebrate his upcoming birthday celebration he said "I have enough stuff, It's fun to get things but when grandma suggested a Pay It Forward party that sounded cool too, it's fun to give things too!"

Guests who come to the party are asked to bring jokes, toys, and games that will be donated to the Gigglebox Project, a local non-profit charity organization in Springfield. 

The goal of the Giggle Box Project is to reawaken the live-giving healing power of joy through laughter by giving Giggleboxes filled with games, toys, and other activities to children that have been diagnosed and that are dealing with cancer.

The Gigglebus will be present and there will also be indoor soccer, trivia games, and lots of laughter. "We are delighted at this opportunity to be a part of spreading joy while demonstrating how kids can give to kids, It's a wonderful idea and will be great fun," Susan Dempsey said, Executive Director of the Gigglebox Project.

Turley's Pay It Forward birthday party is Jan.11 from 4 to 6 pm at Unity of Springfield, 2214 E. Seminole in Springfield.

For more information contact Susan Dempsey, Executive Director of the Giggle Box Project at 417-299-3221
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