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Local Company Plans to Put Your Leftover Turkey Oil to Good Use

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A local company is planning to recycle leftover fried turkey oil this Thanksgiving.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A local business wants your Thanksgiving leftovers.  Not the food, but the oil leftover from fried turkeys.

The goal is to help keep the environment clean.

Wil Fischer Distributing Company is gobbling up leftover turkey oil this Thanksgiving and using it to create biodiesel for its fleet.

The process is not only beneficial to the company, but to the community as well.

"It takes a lot of oil to keep us running," says Vice President of Operations Lane Pratt.

Wil Fischer Distributing Company hopes to have something new to give thanks to this holiday season.

"Our goal would be to get maybe 100 people to show up," Pratt says.

The beverage distribution business is collecting leftover fried turkey oil.

"We are just hoping people get the turkey drumsticks out before bringing it here," says Pratt.  "That's one thing we would ask."

Workers are hoping it will help keep the sewers and landfill clean.

"We need the oil and the community needs some place to get rid of it," Pratt says.  "If people drop it down their sink drains, then that has a possibility of clogging up the sewer."  

The company has been making biodiesel from oil for three years, helping reduce the carbon footprint. 

"Of course it helps cut our costs," Pratt says.  "But it also helps the environment."

Leftover fried turkey oil will be collected, cleaned, cycled and filtered.  Then, the clean oil will be put into a biodiesel processing unit.

"Once it's done, it spits out biodiesel," Pratt says.  "And then, we helped the earth and ourselves."

The Springfield business has 16 trucks that run on biodiesel.

"For us to take the leftover turkey oil, it's a small amount of oil, but of course we can use all the oil we can get," says Pratt.

Before you think about letting your fried turkey oil trot down the sink this Thanksgiving, remember you can give back by going green.

"It's hard for us as Budweiser distributors to give back to the community with retail laws and so forth," Pratt says.  "So this is something we can do to help out our community."

The company will give out free Monster Energy Drink samples to every car that brings leftover oil.

Drop off will be from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. this Friday, Nov. 29 and next Monday, Dec. 2.

The warehouse is located at 3539 West Farm Road 142 in Springfield.
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