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Local Coffee Shop Branches Out Overseas

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A local coffee house is branching out and interest is brewing overseas.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A local coffee house is branching out and interest is brewing overseas.

Classic Rock Coffee is headquartered in Springfield, but KOLR10 learned, it will soon have franchises in Dubai, Pakistan and other countries.

The coffee shop on Sunset and Kansas Expressway serves more than coffee, espresso and pastries, it serves up an experience.

Classic Rock Coffee in Springfield roasts and serves its coffee in rockin' style.

“I think it's great,” says customer Dalton Mackey. “I’ve never been to a rock and roll coffee shop; it has a different vibe to it than most coffee shops.”

It's the vibe that's rocking the interest overseas.

The locally headquartered coffee shop started franchising this year and the calls, text and emails started pouring in not only outside the Midwest, but outside the United States.

Countries like Dubai, Pakistan, and India were all interested in the Ozarks business.

“Without a doubt it's the theme first that is bringing this in because a lot of people calling us first have never been in here,” says owner Kent Morrison. “They never tasted the coffee, so they like what they see.  It's the look that appeals to them.”

Morrison says they started the business with the intent of franchising.

They take pride in their highest quality coffee from different importers and they take pride in being different.

It’s paying off with their brand going global.

“In the other countries over there we're teaching them how to roast on this roaster,” says Morrison. “The roaster over here is going to Pakistan and Joe, our master roaster, will go over there and teach them how to roast on his exact machine.”

Many are finding Classic Rock Coffee on their website. 
“I think everybody is looking for something different,” says Brett Payne, the franchising director. “I mean the coffee business is a stable business, the second most traded commodity in the world.  Everyone loves classic rock music and so it's a perfect hybrid.  We didn't scientifically come up with that. It just happened to be like that.”

Ozarks customers think it's an adventure customers will drink in.

“It’s great because it's kind of like a bit of American culture that everybody's wanted,” says Mackey. “I like it a lot.”
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