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Lady Bears Lose Third Straight

Missouri State coach Kellie Harper gives birth to a son, her team then loses to Quinnipiac in the afternoon.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--Earlier Tuesday the Missouri State Lady Bears played an afternoon game against Quinnipiac.

The Lady Bears trying to snap a two game losing streak.

Missouri State coach Kellie Harper gave birth to their first child Monday night, a baby boy.

So new dad Jon Harper was coaching the team.

The Lady Bears also had to play without Karly Buer who suffered a knee injury in practice Sunday.

She could be out awhile.

Missouri State with a good start, Kenzie Williams with a three pointer, it's 27-19 Lady Bears.

The Bobcats hanging tough, bounce pass inside to Brittany McQuain she gets the hoop it's a one point game.

End of the first half Desiree Phillips with the three pointer, it's 35-29 Lady Bears.

Missouri State was up by seven at halftime.

Second half, Williams with another three pointer, and it was 45-35 Lady Bears, Missouri State owned a 12 point lead but Quinnipiac roars back.

The pick and roll to McQuain, it's 52-49 Bobcats.

Then Ellen Cannon with a cannon shot from the corner, a three it's 55-51.

The Bobcats on a 30-to-five run.

Then inside again to McQuain the hoop and foul, the Independence, Missouri native scored 28 points, Quinnipiac hands the Lady Bears their third straight loss 75-65.   

"That team is used to winning," said Lady Bears assistant coach Jon Harper.  "And they don't doubt what they're doing.  Early on this year they've been tested.  That's an NCAA tournament team from last year.  They've won a ton of games and there's something to be said for that.."

"Teams make runs.  That's what good teams do," said Lady Bears guard Kenzie Williams. "And that's a good basketball team.  So when they do that we need to stick together.  We did the same thing to them and they came back.  So that's what we need to do."      

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