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La Russa Elected To Hall Of Fame

Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox and Joe Torre were elected to the baseball Hall of Fame.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--Retired St. Louis Cardinals skipper Tony La Russa was one of three managers elected into the baseball hall of fame Monday.

La Russa joins Joe Torre and Bobby Cox in the Cooperstown shrine.   

The three were the only ones voted in by a 16-member committee.

La Russa and Torre both managed the St. Louis Cardinals and will become the 12th and 13th former Redbird skippers in the hall.  

The 69-year old says he wants to return to the game in the front office of a team.

He says won't be a manager again, he's done with the dugout.

La Russa says he's not sure which cap to feature on his plaque.

He managed the White Sox and A's as well as the Cardinals.

"Playing in the big leagues, maybe be a part of a championship, that was the dream.  I pursued it," said Tony La Russa.  "Sometimes they come true.  But never, ever was the Hall of Fame part of that dream, ever.  So it's a stunner.  When you love baseball you appreciate the history and the club you've just been voted into.  So with total respect humility and honor I say thank you.."

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