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Kids Doctor: Can Too Much Involvement in Sports Be Bad For Kids?

Practice nearly every day, pressure to win, painful injuries, these are just a few of things young athletes deal with before they turn 10.
Practice nearly every day, pressure to win, painful injuries, these are just a few of things young athletes deal with before they turn 10.

Parents are pushing their kids at a young age hoping they will nurture the next Tom Brady, David Beckam or LeBron James. 

Here’s the cycle:

Parents enroll their kids in a sports league or program. Over the next few years, training intensifies and then expands into the off season, which means the child will be playing the sport year round.

Kids are making many sacrifices and there is no down time to just be a kid 

Once a child enters high school, the stakes are high as winning means championships and potential scholarships to college.

The pressure is very intense, some turn to using performance enhancing drugs and others jus burn out. 

A recent study by the CDC found that sports-related injuries were more common nationwide than injuries from a traffic accident.

Parents, take a moment and ask yourself: is this too much for my child, am I putting my needs ahead of my child's, and is the level of intensity just too much? 

There are many life lessons taught by playing competitive sports. It teaches teamwork, discipline and leadership. 

Kids can not learn these traits if they're burnt out or sidelined due to an injury. 

During the early years, emphasize less pressure and more fun. 

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