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Kidnapped Girl's Father Says Community's Help 'Means a Lot'

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- One-year-old Harmony Blue and 4-year-old brother, Jerry Blue, are back at home tonight after a very hectic weekend.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- One-year-old Harmony Blue and 4-year-old brother, Jerry Blue, are back at home tonight after a very hectic weekend.

The two children were taken when a woman stole their father's car in the Save-a-Lot parking lot on E. Commercial Street in Springfield.

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The keys were left inside the car, but the children's father says the car was not running. One of the missing children prompted the issuing of a statewide Amber Alert after she was missing for several hours.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the person responsible for stealing the children's father's car.

"It's just crazy unexpected," says the children's father, Jerry Blue Jr. "Something you never saw coming."

With babbles and giggles, Harmony spent Monday playing with her parents and brother.

"She's back, thank the Lord," Blue says. "All kinds of feelings are involved with that situation. There ain't no words you can say for it."

Jerry also went missing when his father's car was stolen by a woman the couple says they've never seen before.

"She had all make-up on," little Jerry says. "She was driving me nuts!"

The two children were inside the vehicle when the woman sped off; Jerry was dropped off in a Springfield neighborhood shortly after the car was stolen. He came across an area resident and asked her if she was safe to go with.

"She was nice," little Jerry says. "She gave me trucks and tea and the cops came and got me."

"We've never really gone over that with him because he's never really out of our sight," says Jerry's mom Hannah Lee.

"He's just smart," Blue says.

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Harmony was found hours after Jerry after darkness fell in the backseat of the car stolen from her father. The car was found parked in a parking lot in the 400 block of Mt.Vernon in Springfield.

"It's better than taking her. That's how we look at it," Lee says. "Obviously we didn't want her that way because her diaper was soaking wet and she was freezing cold."

The couple is thankful for the community's involvement in helping find little Harmony.

"It means a lot, you know," Blue says. "If it was someone else's kids we'd look too, the tables turn."

The couple is continuing to thank its lucky stars tonight as Harmony's parents cradle their baby girl in their arms.

"She just returned our kid so we were grateful for that," Blue says. "Everything else is irrelevant."

The couple says they aren't too concerned about who stole the car. They're just happy to have the kids safe and sound back in their arms.

Police are continuing to gather evidence from the vehicle and are searching for the woman responsible.

Anyone with any information should call Springfield Police at 864-1810 or Crime Stoppers at 869-8477 (TIPS).

Police Following Up Leads in Weekend Amber Alert Case

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