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Kickapoo Shuts Out Ozark 6-0

Kickapoo beats Ozark 6-0 in boys high school soccer.
OZARK, Mo--Boys high school soccer Thursday night, Kickapoo visiting their old coach Tom Davidson and his Ozark Tigers.

Kickapoo with an early opportunity, nice pass to Cole Johnson, his head ball just goes wide of the post.

Ozark back the other way,  Jorge Diaz de Mera with the long distance shot, flipped over the cross bar by Kickapoo's Quinn Ruggeri, still scoreless.

Kickapoo with another try, Brando Valdovinos with the fancy footwork and just wide again.

But in the second half the Chiefs finally score, nice pass from Alec Gathright to Austin Reinold, 1-nothing Kickapoo.

And the Chiefs win 6-nothing.

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