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Kellie Harper Back With Lady Bears

Missouri State womens basketball coach Kellie Harper is back with the Lady Bears after giving birth to her son.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--On the womens side of things at Missouri State, the Lady Bears will be back in action Sunday afternoon.

The Lady Bears will host Lamar in a noon tip off at JQH Arena.

Missouri State will be looking to snap a five game losing streak against the Cardinals.

And Missouri State's newest mom, Kellie Harper, is back at the helm for the Lady Bears.

She returned to the team Sunday.

Harper gave birth to her first child three weeks ago.

Both Kellie and Jon are adjusting to being first time parents.

Kellie says it was strange to watch her team play while she was at home hundreds of miles away.

"It was different.  It was different from being there.  And different from watching it after the fact as well," said Kellie Harper.  "So I had a new perspective of watching our team.  And I was able to come back and really talk to them about some of the things I saw.  I'm excited about being back.  And being with the team from here on out.  Jackson will be with us as much as he can be with us because my mom will be travelling.  We're just really excited to be able to blend the two together now and neither one will suffer.."

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