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Insurance Changes Because of ACA Confuse, Frustrate Policy Holders

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Cancellation letters from insurance companies have recently struck fear in the hearts of some policyholders.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Cancellation letters from insurance companies have recently struck fear in the hearts of some policyholders.

The letters tell people their policies are not compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

KOLR10 first noticed chatter on social media about the letters. People were shocked that they were receiving a cancellation letter.

What they didn't know was there was a second letter telling them what they needed to do next. But, for those that are finding out they'll pay more for non-Affordable Care Act compliance insurance, they're frustrated while insurance providers are stuck in the middle.

Ryan owns a small excavation and construction company now he'll have work harder to keep his family insured.

"I'm furious,” says Ryan. “I'm like stomping mad."

His insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, is going to change his family plan because the coverage does not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

However, his frustration lies with the President.

For example, this is what the President said in an address about the Affordable Care Act:

"Let me repeat this: nothing in our plan requires you to change what you have." Says President Obama.

Ryan's kids will have to find a new pediatrician and a comparable plan with the same company will more than double what he pays.

"The new policy is almost $800 a month,” he says. “And with a $12,500 deductible and copays after that."

"The guys I work with, they've gotten the same thing, same letters and then when we called Blue Cross Blue Shield they're like, ‘we've been dealing with this all day long, every day,’” says Bryan Trantham, an Antham marketplace agent and one of the people taking calls from policyholders confused by the letters.

"As far as the first letters, everyone wants to know 'what is going on, why is my plan being cancelled, what do I do?'" says Trantham.

The first letter tells the holder their policy is not ACA compliant.

"There is a second round of letters,” says Trantham. "It's kind of backwards but every insurance is doing this and letting everyone know they no longer have ACA compliant plans and they will be shifted into an ACA compliant or they will have, in the second letter, a renewal to carry them through to 2014."

For Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield members, their first deadline for a response on this issue is November 15.
It is also important that they use those letters sent to them because they contain information important to their renewal.

Another agent said if they have not received that second letter about their options, it is imperative they notify the company immediately.

Other insurance agencies have sent out similar letters.

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