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Humane Society Looks to Community to Help Repair Isolation Building

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. -- The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri's isolation building was flooded when a pipe burst this week. While the shelter has insurance, the deductible is $2,500. The building houses sick animals to separate them from the healthy ones.
GREENE COUNTY, Mo. -- The Humane Society of Southwest Missouri is looking to the community to help keep dogs and cats there healthy.

A pipe burst in the shelter's isolation building this week where the sick animals are kept.

Shelter workers are hoping donations will help pay off the insurance deductible, which costs $2,500.

You might say it was quite the dog day for workers at the Humane Society.  It looked as though it had rained cats and dogs inside the isolation building.

"This building is vital to be able to treat sick animals," says Humane Society Executive Director Darin Landrum.

Workers walked in to find water three to four inches deep.

"It's amazing how one little pipe can cause so much damage," Landrum says.

The building serves as a safety zone for sick animals.  It keeps them separated from the healthy ones and prevents a major crisis.

"This building saves a lot of lives," says Landrum.  "The animals get meds to make them healthy again, which gives them a chance to find their forever home.  The whole point of isolation and separation is to make sure we don't have some kind of epidemic at the shelter."

While Humane Society workers have come up with a temporary solution, they say it's just not ideal.

"What we did was isolate a small area for a short time period to try to keep them segregated," Landrum says.  "But it's just not going to work out."

The Humane Society is run entirely off donations and every dollar donated will help animals there stay healthy.

"This area has allowed us to treat them and keep everyone else healthy," Landrum says.  "If it's a dollar, that's a dollar closer to the $2,500.  If it's $10 or $20-- whatever you can do.  We do have a $2,500 deductible and that's what we can really use the help with."

In addition to fixing up the building, the Humane Society will also have to treat it for mold.

Luckily, no animals were harmed during the incident.  They were all in upper cages off the floor.

If you'd like more information on how to donate, you can contact the Humane Society at 417-833-2526 or visit their website by clicking here.
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