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Huber and Lady Panthers Out to Undefeated Start

The path it took for the Lady Panthers to become undefeated.

SRPINGFIELD, Mo--The O'Reilly Center, home of the Drury Lady Panthers basketball team and a second home to first year coach Steve Huber.

"I really enjoy being a head coach again. It's fun to have the opportunity to put your fingerprint on the program and know that you are doing some things to help kids succeed on the basketball court but also succeed off the court," said coach Huber.

And for the new coach it's safe to say the Lady Panthers are out to a fast start.

"7-0 is just a record to me. It's just a number. The numbers that are important to me are at the season are we winning or at the top of our conference and are we playing in the NCAA tournament," said coach Huber.

Drury's unblemished record has the team ranked 6th in the country.

"Maybe the most important win was against Missouri Southern. Beating them but 21 points maybe just proved to our kids hey we have something special here," said coach Huber.

Things are going smoothly for Drury now, but that wasn't always the case.

"When i got here on may one about i hit the ground running and I was told to enjoy it and I'll be honest I never really enjoyed the moment," said coach Huber.

Coach Huber was putting in 16-18 hour days which started to wear on the new coach.

"It was my wife that said enough is enough you need to go to the doctor and get some help with insomnia," said coach Huber.

The Lady Panther Coach decided to take some time of in October to get his health in order. Now the coach feels nearly 100%.

"As you look back everything has worked out well. We are 7-8 months from my hire date and we are 7-0," said coach Huber.

But for Drury there is still plenty of hard work to come.

"They decided about team goals that number one they want to win the conference and two they want to play in the NCAA tournament and then three along with that they wanted to maintain a 3.6 GPA," said coach Huber.

All the hard work in the past has made for a successful present and could lead to a hopefully future.

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