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Hollywood Minute - September 20, 2013

Russia says "nyet" to Selena Gomez, Forbes ranks power celebrity couples, and Jon Gosselin wants to serve you dinner.

A Russian newspaper reports pop star Selena Gomez had to cancel two concerts in Russia because her visa was denied.
The Moscow Times says that's because of new Russian laws that prohibit foreigners and others from making statements endorsing gay rights that would be accessible to underage young people.
Gomez, a known supporter of gay rights, was scheduled to perform in Saint Petersburg and Moscow next week.

Forbes magazine has ranked the highest paid celebrity couples.
Topping the list, rap mogul Jay-Z And wife Beyonce, followed by supermodel Giselle Bundchen and quarterback Tom Brady.
Coming in third: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Not on forbes list... Jon Gosselin.
The one time reality TV star tells entertainment tonight, he's now waiting tables, and lives in a cabin in the Pennsylvania woods.
The star of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" says he has no regrets.

(Carl Azuz for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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