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Hollywood Minute - October 4, 2013

Sinead O'Connor has a stern warning for Miley Cyrus, the group Badfinger breaks bad, and Casey Kasem is at the center of a bitter family battle.
Singer Sinead O'Connor has some blunt advice for Miley Cyrus: Don't let the music industry prostitute you.
The comments came in an open letter to Miley, after the 20-year-old told Rolling Stone that O'Connor was one of her musical influences.
In response, Miley took to Twitter, and compared O'Connor to troubled star Amanda Bynes.

Call it breaking Badfinger...After the song "Baby Blue" by the group Badfinger was featured in the finale of "Breaking Bad," downloads of the song jumped nearly 3,000 percent.
Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" got a similar bump when it was played in the final episode of the Sopranos.

The family of Casey Kasem says his wife Jean will not let them see the ailing radio legend.
The 81-year-old Kasem is suffering from Parkinson's Disease.
His daughter, Kerri, denies allegations that the family is trying to be added to Kasem's will.
Jean Kasem, Kerri's stepmother, has not commented on any of the allegations.

(Natisha Nance for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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