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Hollywood Minute - October 11, 2013

Coolio does something special for some fans and is Katie Couric's talk show in jeopardy?
Coolio did something a little unusual.

During an event at a college in England-- some students asked him to come to their apartment and cook them dinner.

He accepted the invitation and not only cooked for them but also rapped his hit "Gangstas Paradise."

It seems Katie Couric's talk show is on the verge of cancellation.

The Hollywood Reporter says ratings are dwindling and only 10 percent of her female audience --a key demographic-- likes her.

The magazine reports a decision could come this month.

Kris Jenner says she's separated from her husband but divorce is not on the horizon.

When asked by People magazine if divorce papers have been drawn up-- she said;  "no, no, no, no"

The mom of the Kardashian girls says she and her husband will always remain the best of friends.

(Dave Stewart for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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