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Hollywood Minute - October 10, 2013

The show will go on for the Kardashians and the Jonas Brothers axe their up-coming tour.
The Jonas Brothers have canceled their up-coming tour.
The boy band had a disagreement over the direction of their music and decided to call the concerts off.
The 19-date tour was set to begin on Friday.

Despite a break up between the queen of the Kardashian clan and her husband-- the show must go on.
TMZ reports "Keeping up with the Kardashians" will remain in production.
Kris and Bruce Jenner are separating after 22 years of marriage.

And speaking of the Kardashians,  Lamar Odom has pleaded not guilty.
The basketball player and husband of Khloe Kardashian is charged with drunk driving back in August.
Odom was most recently in the news after reportedly ditching rehab after only one day.

(Dave Stewart for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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