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Hollywood Minute - November 26, 2013

"Family Guy" fans protest and "The Boss" has a new album.

In a move that surprised just about everyone-- the creators of "Family Guy" killed off one of its most beloved characters-- Brian, the family dog.
In the show's most recent episode Brian dies after he is hit by a car.
Now fans are outraged.
One loyal watcher in Alabama started a petition on change.org urging Fox to bring brian back.
So far, the creators of the show have not responded.

Bruce Springsteen says he'll release a new album in January.
He made the announcement on his official Twitter and Facebook pages.
The album is called "High Hopes" and the 12-tracks are already listed on iTunes. 
Springsteen hasn't released a new record since 2012.

The Backstreet Boys are heading to Washington.
The 90's boy band will perform along with Sheryl Crow and others at the 32nd annual "Christmas in Washington" concert.   
Traditionally,  the President and First Lady attend the event.  
"Christmas in Washington" raises money for the Children's National Health System and will air on TNT in December.

(Calandra Corder for CNN's Hollywood Minute)

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