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Holiday Preparation Week: Studio 417's Keratin Treatments

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- It's the time of year where life speeds up and having time for yourself gets put on the backburner.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- It's the time of year where life speeds up and having time for yourself gets put on the backburner.

Instead of rushing around this holiday season, Ozarks Live! tested out a hair product that's supposed to save you time and energy.

Studio417 Hair Salon explains the Keratin treatment so you can spend the holidays doing the things you like to do instead of worrying about your hair.

"When they first came out, they really didn't hone in exactly on which service would be great for each individual client," says Jared Cluck, stylist and manager at Studio417.

Now there are four different kinds of keratin treatments that last anywhere from one to five months -- depending on how often you wash your hair.

"Different candidates for this now include fine hair," adds Cluck. "Which was totally not an option at first, and really extremely curly hair."

If you're wondering about the damaging chemicals, he says not to worry.

"A type of aldehyde that was in the original Keratin complex, anything that you hear about that now is completely removed. We actually have all natural ones that we can use on you. And any of the chemicals that are in some of the ones that we still do are not harmful whatsoever. A lot of times people think that they need something a little bit more extreme, like a relaxer service or a straightening treatment, and those are really harsh chemicals."

This treatment ranges from $100-400, but some would argue it's worth it.

"In the end, you're actually going to extend all the other services that you're doing here in the salon so that will save you in the long run. Like your hair cuts because it keeps it healthy and your color because it keeps it nice and sealed."

Let's see how it works...

"Getting the hair really cleansed, we actually put the keratin protein into the hair, and depending on which service you get, some of them have a process time and some of them don't. After you process the time with it, then you seal it into the hair at a certain temperature depending on the client and what their hair type is. Then after it seals in your just have a little bit of a wait time to let the protein sink into the hair over the next couple of days."

This treatment makes hair more manageable, for that person that has really frizzy hair that's hard to control.

"With the holidays coming, it's going to be great to get the keratin treatment on your hair, because it cut's your blow-dry time in half. Everyone has a busy schedule this time of year, you can really get that really nice, sleek blown out look like you just stepped out of a salon."

Rules for After Treatment:
Can't wash for 48 hours after
Can't put it up for 48 hours
If it does get wet, quickly blow-dry it
Use special products, shampoo, conditioner to make it last longer

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