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High School Band Excited for New Gymnasium Facility

BRANSON, Mo. -- Branson High School plans to use its new activity center to host physical education classes, sports teams and even the band.
BRANSON, Mo. -- A new high school facility is nearly complete, and will provide extra space for many of the school's classroom and extracurricular programs.

Currently, the high school band is holding its annual camp in the hallways and classrooms of the district's intermediate school, and practicing steps on the football field during the evening. During the school year the band will be one of many groups who will take advantage of the extra indoor space near the football field.

"It's all coming together," said David Opperman, the school's new band director. "It's opening up some facilities where we're all getting to work."

Opperman has been in Branson only a few weeks. He said he took the job at the school in part because of the new facilities.

"It's such a good program in a good school district," he said. "It's a premiere job."

The school can begin moving into the $6 million facility on Aug. 1, pending an inspection. The building will offer locker rooms for the football team, an indoor track, a room for the wrestling team and enough gym space to give the band a place to walk through steps during rainy or inclement weather.

"We'll adapt to here," Opperman said. "Then when we get over there we'll get to what we get to use there."

Students like, Tully Gass, a Sophomore tuba player, said they were excited about the facilities for all student groups to use.

"I think it will be a good change for the sports teams and everything," he said. "They won't have to go to the high school and then back It's right there on the field for track and football."
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