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Hellen Cook's Family Pushes for "Hellen's Law" Following Tragedy

WARSAW, Mo. -- Hellen Cook's family is pushing for a new statewide Missouri law they want called "Hellen's Law."
WARSAW, Mo. --  The family of a woman with Alzheimer's who was found dead a week ago is pushing for changes in the wake of their loved ones disappearance.

Hellen Cook, who had Alzheimer's, wandered away from her family's lake property on July 13 and was found dead about a month later not far from that property.  She was 72 years old.

Now her family is pushing for some changes regarding missing person's cases and her family members met with state representatives Sunday.

Changes the family would like seen include categorizing a missing person appropriately, changing some standard alert procedures which would make sure an alert is issued in an appropriate time frame, compiling a list of databases and changing some search procedures, among other things.

The Cook family is hoping these changes will soon become "Hellen's Law."

Hellen's family is also wanting to help put a guide together for other family's who may come across similar situations in hopes of preventing future tragedies.


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