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Haith Still Waiting On NCAA Report

<br>The NCAA is reviewing its investigation of Haith's involvement in Miami violations.
COLUMBIA, Mo--Mizzou basketball coach Frank Haith will have to wait a little longer before he hears from the NCAA on any violations that may or may not have happened in Miami.

The NCAA admitted Wednesday that its investigators improperly gathered information down in Florida.

NCAA president Mark Emmert says they will hold up the Miami investigation while trying to figure out their next step.

Reports said the NCAA was set to notify Haith on its finidings this week.

He coached at miami before taking over Mizzou two years ago.

Any penalties on haith from Miami would transfer to Mizzou.

Haith's Tigers rallied to beat South Carolina Tuesday night.

After the game and before Wednesday's NCAA news broke, Haith had these comments about the Miami investigation.

"But it is a blessing that it's coming close to the end. That's the way I feel personally," said Mizzou coach Frank Haith. "Obviously I can't say a whole lot about what's going on. Contrary to what's being reported, there has been no letter written to Frank Haith or my attorneys. I haven't received a letter."

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