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Fun Video: Springfield Singalong

SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- Chris Smith challenged Justin Dougherty to a city wide sing-a-long, and Springfield responded.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo -- A man in Los Angeles drive on a major highway during rush hour. His goal was to get people to sing a long with him to the classic song, "Build Me Up Buttercup." Overall, he was fairly successful.

But Justin Dougherty thought he would be more successful in Southwest Missouri, so Chris Smith challenged him to that theory. Justin accepted his challenged.

First, Justin had to see what he was getting into. Luckily there are local music therapy experts at Drury University. Drury is actually one of three schools in the state to offer music therapy, and one of about 60 in the nation.

Board certified music therapist, Dr. Natalie Wlodarczyk said, "When people hear something they like they have a dopamine release and could have a better mood just from listening to those songs."

Justin asked, "So you're saying if I went into rush-hour and got people to sing along with me to "Build Me Up Buttercup" I would make their day?"

Dr. Wlodarczyk said, "Not necessarily and here's why. I'm going to work with somebody musically I need to meet them where they are at that moment. So that means if you don't meet them where they are, they might just go in and kick you out of the room because you're not meeting with them first."

After his research, Justin accepted the challenge.
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