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Friday Fear-Fest: Haunted Forest in Pleasant Hope

PLEASANT HOPE, Mo. -- It's another Friday in October - time to feature another great scare in the Ozarks. This week, one of the best scares in the area makes Pleasant Hope not so pleasant.
PLEASANT HOPE, Mo. -- It's another Friday in October - time to feature another great scare in the Ozarks. 

People are out looking for that one good scare. And it could be right around the corner.

This week,  Justin Dougherty shows us one of the best scares in the Ozarks -that makes Pleasant Hope not so pleasant.

"My whole family loves haunted houses and haunted attractions, we've been going to them for years."

 Carl Shober and his family no longer need to go out for a good scare.

 Because they have one, literally,  in their own back yard.

 "All of a sudden, we said 'hey, we have this property.  Let's build something here,'" Shober says.

 Three years into the making, Carl hasnt just build something.  He's built everything.

 "I do welding primarily. Everything out here we build ourselves, some of the props were purchased."

 Carl call's this dark trophy case... The Haunted Forest

 "It's all computer controlled, it's all air operated."

 But the term haunted, is actually an understatement

 "I thought I could make that move better make something that didn't move move and how scary would that be if that came at you."

 In this forest, it all comes at you.

 Which makes the Haunted Forest not just spookyor scary, but down right terrifying.

 "This is outside in the woods. It's all hidden all concealed and it's all safe," Shrober says.

 Safe physically, but your heart may disagree when you pass through a little girls play area... or even a bio hazardous spill.

 And all that is just half of the half mile walk... Or run.

 "Most people take 20-25 mins... Some people take 45... Some people take 10," says Shober.

 No matter how long it takes you,  all must pass the heat censored animatronics.

 "Not even a leaf could activate these."

 The same heat you could feel trickling down your leg.

 "I can't help but grin when I see someone run out the exit and they wet their pants and they tell us about it," Shober grins.

Every anamatronic has motion and heat sensors.

Tag Magazine goes undercover to all the haunted houses in the area and the writers gave the Haunted Forest the highest rating possible: "Pee your pants scary."

Haunted Forest
8996 North Farm Road 149
Pleasant Hope, MO


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