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Flooding, Evacuations in Newburg, Missouri

NEWBURG, Mo. --A Flash Flood Emergency for the town of Newburg on the Little Piney River in northern Phelps County
UPDATE:  7:15am -- At 7:15am, the Newburg police chief told the National Weather Service 15 homes have been evacuated, several buildings downtown along front street have water. There is moderate to severe street damage due to rushing water.

A Flash Flood Emergency for the town of Newburg on the Little Piney River in northern Phelps County.

At 2:45 am, local law enforcement reported excessive rainfall is producing extremely dangerous flash flooding In the town of Newburg on the Little Piney River which has risen four feet in the past two hours. Additional dramatic rises up to five and a half feet are expected.  Evacuations are underway according to law enforcement.

At 4:48AM, law enforcement reports one of the bridges by the First Baptist Church in Newburg has been washed out. Mandatory evacuations ongoing in portions of town.

At 4:45am, there is a mandatory evacuation order in Newburg, Missouri on East 1st Street

At 3:59 am, water was rushing over Highway P just west of Highway T intersection, 1 mile southwest of Newburg

The Little Piney Creek has risen two feet in the past hour and is beggining to flood the community of Newburg.   Evacuations of the residents of the town, between 200
and 300, are underway.  Phelps County deputies are assisting with the evacuation.

More thunderstorms are forecast across much of the area early this morning. A line of thunderstorms over southeastern Kansas will merge with thunderstorms that are developing along and north of the Highway 60 corridor. As this activity merges...thunderstorms will then move to the east southeast through daybreak.    

It is possible that portions of the ozarks that experienced extreme rainfall late monday night and early Tuesday morning will see additional rainfall early this morning. If this scenario occurs, the redevelopment of extremely dangerous, life threatening flash flooding would be likely.

(information provided by the National Weather Service, Springfield, MO)

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