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Fall Fitness - Cool Weather Workouts

For many of us, there is a chill in the air and this cool weather can make outdoor workouts much more inviting. Ways to get fit for fall...both out in the elements or when we have to head indoors.

If you don't like exercising in the summer heat, you may find fall's lower temperatures entice you outdoors to get fit.   

For many, cooler air makes for a more invigorating workout whether you're walking, hiking, biking or doing other sports.

Get your heart pumping on park trails where you can also take in the rich autumn colors.  If it snows where you live, cross country skiing or snowshoeing are great ways to exercise.

Raking leaves and doing yard work is another way to burn calories.

Often gyms start classes in the fall. With children back in school, parents often have a little more time to devote to exercise.  Branch out and try something new, you might find you like it. 

And you've heard it before, but try to stick with your workout. The goal is to form a habit. Studies vary as to how long that takes, but give it a go for the season and you may be well on your way. 

This time of year also offers us lots of brightly colored seasonal fruits and vegetables - good fuel to power our cool weather workouts.  

(Holly Firfer for CNN's Health Minute)

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