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Evangel University Faces Layoffs, Budget Cuts

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Higher education in Springfield is hit again by hard times. Evangel University is laying off faculty and staff and cutting the budget.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Higher education in Springfield is hit again by hard times. Evangel University is laying off faculty and staff and cutting the budget to make up for more than a $1 million budget deficit.

President Carol Taylor says they decided to tell those affected on Thursday, rather than wait.

The cuts are do-in part to Evangel's consolidation with two other schools that created job redundancies.

They also cut nearly three percent of the operating budge.

Evangel University is eliminating twelve staff and 6 faculty positions and making other cuts. Evangel President-elect Dr. Carol Taylor explained there are several variables involved in the decision.

"We began looking at our operational budget as we consolidated the three institutions and realized we were facing slightly over a million dollars in an operation deficit in our budget this year," says Taylor.

Evangel, Christian Bible College and the Assemblies of God Seminary consolidated in the Spring of 2013.

"Of the positions that are being reduced they include people who were at CBC last year as well as Evangel and the seminary," says Taylor.

Taylor said they made their decision to cut based on demand or lack of it.

"Those faculty positions are actually across a number of academic disciplines in that case we actually looked at the student enrollment in each of our programs," says Taylor. "The positions we reduced that are faculty that will really take effect next year were in area where we had fewer students than we had faculty to serve them."

There were additional cuts made from the general operating budget.

"We looked at the number of publications and some of our advertising budget we looked at, or for example, we participate in a large fine arts festival every year and one of the places that we looked at was the number of individuals that we sent to that event, we cut back on that," says Taylor.

Taylor says though these are the end of cuts for this upcoming budget year the future is uncertain.

"I think everyone is aware this is a very challenging time for higher education it particularly hits small private institutions where we are heavily reliant on our enrollments," says Taylor.

The staff positions are eliminated effective January 3rd, but will be paid through the end of January and keep their health benefits.

Faculty positions will end in April, the term of their regular contract.

If the children of any of the people who are losing their jobs are receiving the tuition benefit of being the child of an employee that benefit will be kept and will remain until the student graduates.
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