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Dash Cam Video Released from Fatal Officer Involved Shooting

GREENE COUNTY, Mo. -- The Greene County Sheriff's Office has released dash cam video from the night of a fatal shooting. It happened on December 1, 2013. 33-year-old Joshua Ford was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy following an altercation.
GREENE COUNTY, Mo. --  Dash cam video shows the confrontation between Greene County deputies and a man claiming to have a gun.  It was a confrontation that ended with the suspect dead.    

KOLR10 News obtained dash cam video through an open records request to see what deputies experienced the night of December 1, 2013 near I-44 and Farm Road 45.

The video is intense.  It shows a deputy shooting 33-year-old Joshua Ford who later died.

KOLR10 News is not showing the most graphic part of the video, but we believe showing parts of it helps to understand why the Greene County Prosecutor ruled the shooting justified.

"Nothing is worth it," the deputies yelled to Joshua Ford.  "Put your hands in the air and get on the ground.  What is worth getting shot over, stupid?"

The dash-cam video from December 1, 2013 first shows Greene County deputies trying to reason with Ford just moments before his death.

"Put your hands up," they yelled.  "Put that shirt down now and put your hands up.  Nothing is worth it, dude.  Nothing is worth it."

Deputies located Ford after he ran into the woods.

"Put the shirt down," they yelled again.  "Show us your hands now."

The deputies were responding to a 911 call from a homeowner.  He claimed Ford was on his property with a weapon, threatening to fire.

"Put your hands up," the deputies yelled.

But instead of Ford putting his hands up, the video shows him with his hands out.  It looks as though he's trying to convince deputies he's armed.

"I'm going to shoot you in the face," said one deputy.  "Get your hands up."

The deputies tried to reason with Ford for about two minutes, but to no avail.  That's when one deputy yelled to another that Ford was unarmed.

"He doesn't have anything!" he shouted.

But less than a second after that, Ford leaped at another deputy.  The deputy standing closest to him.  That deputy fired three shots at Ford.

"It was a threat," said Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott in a press conference Tuesday.  "The subject was advancing on him in a shooting stance holding an object in his hands."

The Greene County Prosecutor announced earlier this week that the deputy's actions were legally justified.

"In four-tenths of a second prior to him firing on, he still felt a threat and believed there to be a weapon," Arnott says.  "Probably the question would be, could you react in under four-tenths of a second?  And you still perceive a threat, so what do you do?"

While it appears Ford was trying to convince deputies he had a weapon, he was really holding a black cell phone.

The deputy who fired the shots was cleared to return to work on December 31.

Ford did have a criminal history.  The Greene County Sheriff's Office is still waiting on his toxicology reports from the Medical Examiner's Office.
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