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Today's Top Medical Stories for Monday, January 27, 2014

Promising news on a possible new breast cancer drug.. and new advice for pediatricians and signs of child abuse.

The American Academy Of Pediatrics is giving doctors new guidelines on how to identify bone fractures that are caused by child abuse.
Experts believe up to 20 percent of breaks in infants and toddlers are from abuse.
Researchers say rib fractures and multiple breaks are a likely sign of abuse.
The report says its important for pediatricians to take a complete medical history and family history to determine how the injury occurred.

British researchers are trying to develop a drug that can stop late stage breast cancer.
They are testing a chemical that supresses a gene called b-c-l-3.
In mice the chemical slowed the  spread of cancer 80 percent.
Doctors are hoping to start testing on breast cancer patients.

There's good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and a new study says there's also dysfunctional cholesterol.
Researchers at the cleveland clinic say good cholesterol called h-d-l helps protect the heart.
But in some cases a protein in h-d-l can turn bad - and start hardening the arteries.
Doctors say patients with higher levels of this dysfunctonal cholesterol also have a higher risk of heart attack.

(Ko Im for CBS News)

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