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Today's Top Medical Stories for Friday, February 14, 2014

Stopping smoking could help your mental health and the blood clot risks after pregnancy.

New moms have a higher risk of blood clots for at least three months after having their babies.
The chance for blood clots elevates during pregnancy because platelets and other clotting factors increase.
The risk peaks at delivery, but researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College found the risk remains for 12 weeks after, twice as long as previously thought.

Many stroke survivors go back to driving without being evaluated.
News research from the American Stroke Association conference looked at 162 people who had a stroke and found only about 5 and a half percent received a formal driving evaluation.
More than 51 percent returned to driving...many just a month after having a stroke.

And new study shows quitting smoking could help *mental* health.
British researchers analyzed more than two dozen studies and found consistent evidence that stopping smoking is linked with improvements in depression, anxiety, and stress.
And those are some of today's top health stories.

(Teri Okita for CBS News)

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