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Today's Top Medical Stories for Thursday, March 6, 2014

A new study looks at which approach works best for men with prostate cancer and Alzheimer's deaths may be severely under-reported.
A new study suggests Alzheimer's Disease may kill as many Americans as heart disease and cancer. Researchers in Chicago found that death certificates often list the immediate cause of death such as pneumonia, without listing dementia as an underlying cause. They estimate there are about half a million Alzheimer's deaths among the elderly each year - which is five to six times higher than the official government total.

Younger men with prostate cancer benefit more from surgery than just watching it closely according to a new study in the New England Journal Of Medicine. Researchers found a substantially lower mortality rate for men under 65 who underwent the surgery. Older men who had the operation did not live longer on average, but the surgery did lower the risk of their cancer spreading.

And saturated fat is getting a bad rap according to an editorial in the journal Open Heart. A leading cardiovascular researcher says low-fat diets do not lower the risk of heart disease or help a person live longer. The expert says current dietary guidelines are based on flawed research from the 1950's. 

(Alexis Christoforous, CBS News)

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