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Today's Top Medical Stories for Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Researchers find an uptick in brain activity for pregnant women…and the CDC says Americans with disabilities need more exercise.
The CDC says Adults with disabilities who get no aerobic physical activity are 50 percent more likely to have a chronic disease, like cancer, diabetes, stroke or heart disease.
The government agency says of the disabled adults to went to the doctor in the past year, only about 44 percent were told to get active.

Dutch researchers say pregnant women who had the H1N1 vaccine during the 2009 flu pandemic have children who are growing and developing normally in their first year of life.
Nearly 18-hundred pregnant women participated in the study.

Women about to give birth show an increase of activity in the right side of their brain, according to British researchers.
The right side is the area of the brain related to emotional skills.
Researchers believe the surge of brain activity helps the mother prepare to bond with her baby.

(Alexis Christoforous, CBS News)

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