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Today's Top Medical Stories for Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A new study reveals stark differences between girls and boys when it comes to concussions.
A new study that looked at nearly 70 teenagers who suffered concussions found that males take twice as long to recover as females. Researchers used an advanced type of brain scan that showed the average concussion recovery for girls was 26 days, while it took boys more than 66 days on average to get better.
(source: Radiology)

Middle schoolers and high schoolers who regularly consume sports and energy drinks are more likely to pick up unhealthy habits like smoking, excessive video gaming, and TV-watching.
That's according to a study that looked at nearly 28-hundred tweens, and teens. It found kids who often have energy drinks spend about 5 hours more per week in front of their TV and computer screens.
(source: Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior)

The American Heart Association reports maintaining or boosting exercise after age 65 can improve your heart's health, and lower your risk of a heart attack. Researchers found that seniors who exercise more had fewer irregular heart rhythms, and better heart rates.
(source: American Heart Association)

(Danielle Nottingham, CBS News)

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