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Today's Top Medical Stories for Friday, March 7, 2014

Seeing the same doctor may be good for your health. And a possible better way to identify high risk breast cancer patients.
A new study shows a method for classifying tumors called molecular subtyping can better identify which breast cancer patients are at high risk of recurrence. The genetic profiling separates tumors into four distinct types of breast cancer. Researchers in Florida analyzed 148 patients and found a substantial number who were classified low risk turned out to be high risk once their subtype was determined.

Traffic related air pollution may do even more damage to the heart, even leading to cardiac arrest.  Researchers in Seattle demonstrated for the first time that pollution can lead to changes in the right heart ventricle.  The connection between pollution and damage to the left ventricle had already been established.  As air pollution gets worse it increases the risk of heart failure and early death.

And building a relationship with the same doctor over time seems to be good for your health. Researchers in Britain found patients who are familiar with their doctor are more likely to raise health problems and concerns. The findings come as a growing number of patients struggle to see the doctor of their choice because of scheduling problems.  

(Alison Harmelin, for CBS News)

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