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Today's Top Medical Stories for August 25, 2014

The American Heart Association has issued new e-cigarette recommendations.

The American Heart Association is calling for tougher restrictions on sales and marketing of e-cigarettes to young people.   The association says that since electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, they should be subject to all laws that apply to cigarettes and cigars.    Recent  studies show e-cigarettes can lead the way to using regular cigarettes for young users.
New research suggests anti-depressants could one day help treat brain cancer in children.  In studies with mice, researchers at Cincinnati's Children Hospital found the drug Rolipram shrank tumors. Scientists say more research is needed before clinical trials can begin.
And a recent study found Medicaid reimbursements can affect cancer screening rates.    In states with higher Medicaid payments for office visits, people were more likely to be screened for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer. 

(Alison Harmelin, CBS News)

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