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Today's Top Medical Stories for Friday, March 28, 2014

A new study shows that smoking bans are helping children's health.
Banning smoking in public places has helped cut the number of premature births, and childhood asthma attacks by ten percent. That's according researchers in the U.S. and Britain who conducted the first study looking at how anti-smoking laws are impacting children's health.   Anti-smoking laws also have also shown to help adults stay healthier.
(source: The Lancet)

Doctors at a hospital in the Netherlands have given a 22 year old woman a new plastic skull made with the help of a 3d printer.  Doctors say it's the first time a complete cranium has been replaced.
(source: UMC Utrecht)

And researchers in San Diego say they've been able to show for the first time that veterans who suffer from Gulf War illness have problems with how their cells produce energy. Hundreds of thousands of veterans from the Persian Gulf War in the early 19-90s suffer from symptoms including fatigue, muscle pain, and cognitive problems. According to the new study, it's because their bodies' building-blocks are bogged down, possibly from exposure to harmful chemicals.
(source: PLOS ONE)

(Adriana Diaz, CBS News)

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