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Today's Top Medical Stories for Tuesday, July 1, 2014

There's a new review about the safety of vaccines.

A new study finds strong evidence that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine recommended for children under 6--- is not associated with autism.   The results published in the American Academy of Pediatrics are consistent with previous studies.  Researchers also found strong evidence that MMR, tetanus and hepatitis b vaccines are not associated with childhood leukemia.

Women who use donor eggs to conceive have a greater risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension.  Researchers in France say patients and obstetricians need to be aware of the risks and be prepared to begin early treatment for high blood pressure if necessary.

and there has been a dramatic drop in the growth of healthcare spending in the U.S.   New research shows spending growth declined from 7 percent in 2002 to just one percent in 2011.   Health experts say the use of cheaper generic drugs and a freeze on some doctor reimbursement rates helped keep costs down.

(Wendy Gillette, for CBS News)

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