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Today's Top Medical Stories for Thursday, May 1, 2014

New research looks at the safety of UV lamps at nail salons.
A new study from Georgia researchers  finds a small risk of skin cancer from ultra-violent lamps that nail salons use to dry polish.
Study author Dr. Lyndsay Shipp says nail salon customers can use sunscreen or protective gloves to reduce their risk of skin cancer.
"The patient or the client in this case would have to go to the nail salon multiple  different times in a row to actually pose the risk of having a skin cancer from this."

An updated version of an old drug for multiple sclerosis is reducing patient lapses with fewer doses.  Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found the improved drug known as  pegylated interferon beta can be injected every two weeks instead of every other day and get the same results.   They also found fewer MS patients are developing antibodies against the drug which reduces its effectiveness.

And new research finds African American and European American men at high risk for prostate cancer have an even greater risk of being diagnosed with an aggressive form if they have a vitamin D deficiency.  Doctors in Illinois say vitamin deficiencies can be reversed through diet, supplements and other therapies.

(Ko Im for CBS News) 

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