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Today's Top Medical Stories - Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Can aspirin prevent certain cancers? And the connection between state of mind and blood pressure.

New research from London shows taking aspirin can significantly reduce the risk of developing and dying from digestive cancers. Those include bowel, stomach and esophageal cancer.
Long-term aspirin usage can increase the risk of stomach bleeding, so researchers say more study is needed.

Many patients with cancer still smoke.
A new report shows nearly 10 percent of cancer survivors in the US are current smokers.
Researchers at the American Cancer Society say more needs to be done to get patients to quit, because smoking can cause new mutations and new cancers.

And mind over matter could keep your blood pressure in check.
A new study from University Hospitals Case Medical Center  found patients who took part in stress reduction programs that used meditation were able to lower their blood pressure.

(Craig Boswell, CBS News)

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