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Today's Top Medical Stories for Monday, July 28, 2014

What's the healthiest way to greet a friend - a handshake or fist-bump?
Fist bumping beats handshaking and high fives in the battle to control the spread of germs.  Researchers in the UK found nearly twice as much bacteria is transmitted from a handshake compared to a high five.
A fist bump spreads least amount of germs.

Drugs used to treat lung disease are more effective when taken at certain times of the day.   Researchers at the University of Manchester discovered cells that line lung airways work on a body clock that can regulate the immune system.   Doctors say administering medicine when the body clock is active makes them more effective.

And people who had cancer as a child need to be careful to make the right lifestyle choices.   Childhood cancer survivors are at increased risk for heart disease, diabetes or strike. Now researchers in Memphis say patients can influence their outcomes if they don't smoke, eat healthy and exercise.

(Danielle Nottingham, CBS News)

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