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Today's Top Medical Stories - April 10, 2014

Gum disease could mean you're at higher risk for heart problems. And your diet could affect your chances of developing breast cancer.

New research shows eating a diet that's high in fat may increase the risk of certain types of breast cancer.
An Italian study that analyzed more than 10,000 breast cancer patients found high total fat as well as saturated fat intake can lead to a greater risk of breast cancers driven by hormones.

A large study has found periodontal problems including gum disease and tooth loss are possible markers for cardiovascular disease.
Researchers in Europe evaluated the dental health of more than 15 thousand patients from 39 countries with chronic coronary heart disease.
More than 40 percent of the patients had less than 15 teeth remaining…and about a quarter said their gums bled when they brushed their teeth.

A discovery that could possibly lead to a new treatment for obesity.
A study in the journal Nature finds lowering a protein found in fat and liver cells can speed up metabolism and lead to weight loss.
Boston researchers say they not only lowered obesity in mice, but also diabetes.

(Bigad Shaban, CBS News, Los Angeles)

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