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Today's Top Medical Stories for Thursday, April 24, 2014

The more education you have, the better your chances of recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Plus, new data on the number of children using medication to treat mental health problems.

New government health numbers show seven and a half percent of children use prescription medication to treat emotional and behavioral problems. More than half of those children's parents say the medication helped a lot.

A new Mayo Clinic study is making a connection between mild memory and thinking problems and higher death rates. Researchers followed nearly 1,300 seniors for six years. Those with mild cognitive impairment had an 80 percent higher death rate during the study than those without the condition.

And people with more education tend to recover better from traumatic brain injuries. That's according to a new Johns Hopkins study of more than 700 patients with moderate to severe brain injuries. Researchers found patients with a college degree were 7 times more likely to be disability-free a year later, compared to patients who didn't graduate from high school. Researchers say more educated people have more active brains, making them more resilient to injury. 

(Alexis Christoforous, CBS News)

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