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Today's Top Medical Stories for September 27, 2013

A depression drug is being tested to fight lung cancer, and the government is pushing people to get their flu shot.
More kids than ever were vaccinated against the flu last year, but health officials say there's plenty of room for improvement. The Venters for Disease Control says nearly 57 percent of children got the flu shot or nasal spray -- a big boost from previous years. The flu vaccine is recommended for nearly everyone 6 months and older.

Some antidepressants may be able to help patients with a dangerous form of lung cancer. Stanford researchers used high-tech computer models to search for approved drugs that might treat small cell lung cancer.
Surprisingly, the program picked an older class of antidepressants and in lab tests it was able to kill cancer cells. Doctors are now planning to test the drugs on people.

And British researchers say hip replacement surgery is getting safer. The percentage of deaths in the first three months after surgery has been cut in half since 2003. Doctors say new surgical techniques are the reason why.

Jericka Duncan, CBS News
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