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Have food poisoning? Experts say they know where you likely got it from. Meanwhile some interesting findings on people who live the longest - and marijuana's affect on male fertility.
A new Centers For Disease Control And Prevention study is out on norovirus - the most common cause of the so-called stomach bug.
It found too many food service workers already infected  with the virus are touching food with their bare hands.
The study recommends sick employees staying home for at least two days after symptoms stop.

More  people are living to 100 hundred years of age or older.
A British government study says one-third of babies born in the United Kingdom are expected to become centenarians.
Researchers in the United States have noted similar trends.
Experts also found most centenarians die of frailty or pneumonia - as opposed to chronic diseases - such as cancer or heart disease.
People are living longer because they are eating better and not smoking as much, according to the study.

If you smoke pot and want to become a dad - you may want to stop.
A new study out of the United Kingdom supports previous research that suggests using marijuana could increase a man's risk for fertility problems. 
Smoking cannabis may lead to the production of abnormal sperm.  Researchers stress that the link is possible butsay more studies are needed to reach a definitive conclusion.   

(Holly Firfer for CNN's Health Minute) 

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