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The Nation Reacts To Sam's Announcement

Responses flooded in from all over the United States to Michael Sam's announcement.
COLUMBIA, Mo--Sunday, Mizzou Tiger defensive end Michael Sam announced on ESPN that he was gay.

Monday Sam received a landslide of support from former teammates to the President of the United States.

President Obama tweeted congratulations to Sam calling him a true sportsman.

Sam was the best Mizzou player on the defensive side of the ball this season.

He made first team all-American and was the SEC defensive player of the year.

Michael Sam announced he was gay to the Tigers and coach Gary Pinkel in August.

The team kept it quiet until Sunday night.

"We talk in our program all the time about respecting the cultural differences of other people," said Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel.  "That's one of our core values.  It certainly applies to this.  We're going to be respectful, caring and kind to everyone of our teammates.."

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