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Sunday, July 27 Overnight Forecast

Today's cold front leading the way to pleasant work week weather.
A major dose of heat this weekend, but hot weather is no where in sight heading into August.  A cold front slid south across the area today.  Drier air has already begun moving in, and with a "canadian connection" in place throughout the week into the weekend, this is the way it will stay.  This will make for pleasant late July, early August weather with temperatures running around 10 degrees below normal.

The next two days will feature cool mornings and pleasantly mild afternoons.  Fair weather cumulus clouds will develop by noon and then fade away as we head into late afternoon.

Wednesday and Thursday will be cloudier days with temperatures remaining pleasant.  A few weak disturbances will slide through, interacting with a front well to the south.  The dry air will likely make rain tough to come by with areas to the southwest favored for any shower activity.

Friday into the weekend looks quiet and dry.  Mostly clear nights will make for cool temperatures with afternoons pleasantly warm.  Nineties show no signs of making an appearance through the first week of August!  Rain also looks scarce, and this will become more and more of a concern as the area dries out.  It's been two weeks since measureable rain in Springfield, and the pattern favors mainly dry weather over the next two weeks.
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