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Springfield's Stanley Talks About All-Star MVP, Gonzales

Dan Lucy talks with Springfield catcher Cody Stanley.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo--The Springfield Cardinals are opening a six game homestand against Corpus Christi Wednesday night.

And joining me now live is Cards catcher Cody Stanley.

Back from Little Rock where you hit a two run homer in the Texas League All-Star game and were named the most valuable player.

Tell me about the experience and the award. 

You're having a nice season here at AA playing both catcher and designated hitter, you're hitting .301 with 7 homers and 21 runs batted in, what's been the key this season?

As a catcher, you work with the pitchers, how proud are you of Marco Gonzales going straight from here to St. Louis?

Does he have the stuff to stick with St. Louis the rest of the season?

Thanks Cody and good luck.

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