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Some Polling Precincts Closed for Tuesday's Election

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Ten voting precincts will be closed Tuesday, April 8.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- Ten voting precincts will be closed Tuesday, April 8.

There are 14 political subdivisions in Greene County which are not holding elections on April 8th. As a result, ten of the County’s 76 voting precincts will be closed.

The following polling places are closed next Tuesday April 8, where only a few voters within the precinct are eligible to vote, and have been moved to a nearby precinct which shares the same ballot information. These voters have been notified by postcard of the temporary change.

The following locations will be closed:

Cherokee (Grace Chapel) – around 140 City voters moved to the Library Center

3rd N Campbell-A (Northwest Baptist) – 24 City voters to Kansas Expressway Church of Christ

Wilson Township (Remington’s) – around 400 City voters moved to Springfield 1st Nazarene

2nd Campbell-AC (Sycamore Baptist Church) – 2 City voters moved to Springfield Fire Station #8

1st Center (Willard Central Elementary) – 35 Willard City voters to Willard Community Center

Cass Township (Rose Hill Church) – 182 Walnut Grove R-5 voters moved to Walnut Grove School

2nd N Campbell (Truman School) - 181 City voters will move to Berean Baptist Church.

Voters in three precincts have no issues or candidates to consider and their polling sites will not be open:

2nd Robberson (Glidewell Baptist Church)

Battlefield-B (McBride Elementary School)

2nd Franklin (Northside Christian Church)

Turnout for next Tuesday’s election is expected to be 7 to 12 percent. For ballot information visit greenecountymo.org/election

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